How to be the Escort everyone wants?

Seductive, tempting and charming, that is how men prefer their women. The art of seduction, aka, the art of tempting is seen everywhere, from advertisements to food to women. From dating, to escorts to sugar dating; the world of relationships is constantly revolutionizing. However, the one thing seen common in sugar babies and escorts, it is the power of seduction. More the seduction, better the money.
When it comes to escorts, there are some fitness girls in the business who everyone wants. These fitness girls are literally Men Magnets! To be the escort everyone wants, there are three Must haves; looks of a supermodel, stamina of an athlete and diplomatic social skills. Here is how you can have it all!
Looks of a supermodel: Some fitness girls are naturally given gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes and the perfect nose. However, in the world of today you can have it all! If you cannot undergo cosmetic surgeries learn the art of makeup

and trust me, it would do wonders. However, make up does not mean that your face should look like a Crayola box. Invest in some good makeup learning classes and tutorials where you learn how to enhance your features.
Stamina of an Athlete: Seduction is another name for power and fitness girls today have shown that abs, cuts and muscles make a woman seem stronger and powerful. It is time to put aside the heels for an hour. Wear the sneakers and go work out! Find personal trainers who can train you. If your body is seductive, why would you not be the girl everyone wants?
Diplomatic social skills: You are a ten in looks, and a fitness freak, but when it comes to social gatherings, you just cannot mingle. This is a turn off! Men don’t just want women who look good, they want fitness girls who know they are good! Be a woman with the game. Let the smile on your face show off the confidence in you. Learn how to socialize, make contacts and improve your social circle. Your social circle and contacts exhibit your power you have. To be the woman he can flaunt, be the woman who knows how to socialize intelligently!

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