Differences that you can easily notice between brunet and blonde girls and more

Some people can say blonde girls are the perfect partner for men while other men can give this title to brunet women. This is a debate in which we cannot declare any winner because brunette and blonde girls have different qualities in them. Talking about these different qualities, I am going to list five of those differences that you can easily notice between brunette and blonde girls.


whether you accept it or you deny it completely, this is a fact that blonde girls look more attractive compared to their brunette counterparts. At least men believe so and number of blonde escorts can prove that to you. You can check out any escorts agency’s website and you will find many profiles of blonde escorts. That can’t be a coincidence because men feel blonde girls are more busty blondeattractive and they choose one accordingly from escorts services. The reason of this opinion or attractiveness could be different ranging from men’s opinion or previous experiences. Also, men have a thing for blonde girls because they are so rare and men always fall toward those things that are rare or least available for them because of any reason.


As I said in the above point, blonde girls look more attractive and many men prefer to choose them as their partner via escorts services. This also proves that sexy blonde girls are actually more popular as well among men compared to brunets or redheads. Men hire escorts that fit in to these criteria and outside as well men approach blonde girls more quickly and they think sometime before approaching a brunette one. This popularity trend is common around the world and you will not see men paying more attention to a brunet girl if she is standing right next to a blonde one. So, we can say this is a big difference in both of these girls.


May be you have this opinion that blonde girls don’t make much money, but you are wrong about it. In fact they make more money and they use their popularity and attractiveness to get that earning. For example, escorts are more popular if they are blondes and that is why those escorts charge more money to their customer. Also, blonde escorts get more tips from their customer. Same things go for blond waitresses as well and they earn more tips. This earing trend is almost same in every work domain and you can see many of them working at very high positions as well.


You may have this opinion that blonde girls are dumb, but that opinion is nowhere close to the fact. Actually they are not dumb but they make a man dumb with their actions and a man won’t even notice it. He will just feel entertained and enjoyed the company of those blonde girls. Escorts can be an exception in this particular thing because escorts need to do what their client asks them to do. But if a man desire this kind of services from escorts, then they can do that as well without any issue. So, in other words we can say blonde girls are more dominating then brunettes but a man would never feel it.


This is one part where brunettes can beat blonde girls. If a girl is not naturally blond, then she need to get a root touch up for hairs every few weeks and in every couple of months, she need to get her hair dyed. That is a process that consume a lot of money and it need time as well. That issue is there for all the blonde girls including escorts as well. Because of this reason many escorts that support blond hairs need to take a downtime from their work in every few weeks and they need to invest their time and efforts to get the sexier look by this artificial method. I also agree, not all of you will have agreement with these opinion. Some of you may have completely opposite opinion and you may say all the things for brunet girls that I said for blonde girls. But that is what the beauty of human nature and opinion is because we all can be different and we all think different. So, if you have difference of opinions please do share that with me.

Blond girls in escorts service:

Couple of reasons due to which you can discover numerous blond girls in escorts service. I take escorts solution with normal interval as well as with my encounter I can say a lot of blonde girls work as escorts around the world. Earlier I utilized to wonder why I find a lot of blonde girls while taking escorts company, now I know factors behind it and I am going to share a few of those reason with you also.

They look stunning:

I do not need to share this basic truth that these girls look so stunning and sexy in there look which’s why many males prefer to have these girls while taking escorts solution. A lovely smile is one more vital factor that I constantly wish to see in escorts. If a girl does not have a gorgeous and also charming smile, then she may not look a lot more appealing to me.I understand a lot of escorts blonde teengirls change their hair shade to get the blonde look and I do not have anything against them since they have to provide company to men and also males would certainly take company only if they would certainly get what they desire.

Men have wish for them:

In escorts many girls transform blonde because men have a secret desire for them. In case, you additionally have the exact same thing in your mind then you could comprehend why you can obtain many blonde girls in this domain name. Because they should provide this versus cash and they will certainly obtain money only if a man will certainly hire them. So desire of man is one more factor because of which you could see so many blonde girls are working as escorts.

Because of pre-programmed attitude:

lots of men can have pre-programmed mindset that blonde girls look actually hot as well as hot and also they do not intend to alter their opinion in any type of situation. Predetermined attitude always affects the company of any field including escorts. Due to this predetermined way of thinking many redhead also come to be blonde while providing company as escorts and when they do it, after that they make even more money as compared to other alternative.

Their enjoyable loving nature:

Weather you approve it or not but this is a fact that blonde girls are know as enjoyable loving and amusing amongst all the men. When you spend for any satisfaction service, after that you desire to get best satisfaction by that repayment and fun loving escorts could always aid you have more pleasure by this solution. When guys obtain a possibility to choose an enjoyable caring girl, after that they do not desire to miss out on the possibility and also it goes without saying they choose a female companion or escorts accordingly.

Easy accessibility concept:

I cannot say if this concept as any kind of reality or otherwise, however numerous men think that blonde girls can easy state yes for even more sensuous relationships. I know in escorts company, you can get the very best sensual encounter, yet you could never make love as a company by this technique. So, I won’t claim this is a valid factor, but numerous people believe it this way which’s why they desire to obtain more blonde girls as their paid buddy. This need and also supply system also plays a key role in the checking of these girls in this particular method as well as their counting keeps on increasing regularly.

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